Bakeries in New York

4 May 2011

There are thousands upon thousands of bakeries in New York. for my own hypothetical bakery I want to pick a position that is central and within easy access to the New York Community. I have decided to focus my target audience towards the general public interested in novelty products as well as having my cupcakes delivered to offices, so the next stage is to look at the business district in New York and how I can place myself there. 

Here I have highlighted the key business districts in New York. Seeing as I want to deliver my cupcakes to both I think it would be wise to have my cupcake shop positioned within reach to both of these so a placement between the two would be good. OR I think i may design my shop to fit within both the districts that way the business sector can see them as well as the general public. 

If i position it in the middle I will have to design some sort of transport to take the cupcakes to the offices etc. But I was thinking of doing that anyway.