Web workshop 2

5 May 2011

Aboove: Managing the sites, how to reload the page

Making a template - Insert

the three stages that make the main area a template. Make sure you have highlighted the area with which you want to have content etc. You then have to save it as a template so that it becomes a .dwt (dreamweaver template)

the new templates creates a folder in your assets section. 

Creating a new page

You then have to save them as the individual content..
Every page that you create has to overlap the original index page. So you then save over it in the folder.

So you overlap the index with the first save and then you create the remaining four pages as a template and save them as their appropriate name. You don't need to overlap them again. 

Linking them together
Go onto the template and then link them to the index page. 

go to the template click on the first button i.e home  and then you click and drag to index

Go through and link all the buttons and then save all. and it will update all the links. 
you have to click the index page to save all on not the template.

Then once you have saved all go into the content bit on the page and edit it with a different title so as to differentiate between the 5 webpages

then you click save.

To add some body copy to the text (lipsum.com) to make text and body copy for the website.

Basically if you get some body copy from lipsum and then split it to two paragraphs, you can then opy into the web page via 2 ways. Firstly, through the coding, but this wont actually recognise the page break up. Secondly, you can copy it directly into the text box on the page and this will recognise the page break.
full body copy from the code, no breaks

Copied straight into text box and you have the paras broken up. 

To create a margin or padding you have to create a table. once you have created it you can then change the height like before. 



Steps: Click in the box you wanted then insert - image - then pick image
then if you want an image below you then just add add another image

Thats a very simple way to create an image
Creating an image gallery:
(lightbox 2)

You can save it into your route folder. 


Adding multiple videos like lightbox


(Pemium beats.com)
Again following the processes as before

however, would still be better to do it over vimeo. 


You will need to buy a domain name and some web space. 

(123reg) - try to by from an english company because if anything goes wrong then you can contact them and get it fixed. 

Buying a domain name

NEXT buy webspace

One.com - you want unlimited transfer and that you have ftp (file transfer protocol)
No need to go for a bigger size because you don't need it. 

Then uploading it to the website back on dreamweaver.

Your username will generally be the same as the ftp address but if its different then they will tell you when they send it. Same with the password.

To make it go live what you then would do is click the little button and it will show you both locations. initially there will be nothing in the remote server. You then click the button with two electrical things and eventually will connect. Then to put files onto the remote server you click the blue up arrow which is 'put'. Then if you come back a week later and want it to change a small bit you then just drag the edit across. 

To get to the top of google is to update the website every day. And you do this by uploading dummy files onto the websites. 

all this is done on dreamweaver. 

If you want to edit your website while your abroad for example then you can go to cushycms.