Billy's Bakery

4 May 2011

Love the simple hand drawn logo feel. Its easily transferrable,
although for the main logo i'd like to keep away from circles.
Really like the cream background, makes it match the cream in cupcakes etc.

Not that big a selection of products

Love the packaging, the logo is really striking on it.
It makes it instantly recognisable.

Really like the idea of branding your own ingredient's.
Love the packaging especially the sewn top, I think it gives such a
nice interaction instead of it being plastic it gives it another level 
of homemade feel.

They have a wide range of products, this is something
I am interested in because I want my company to have a wide range too

Really beautiful outside, with the pastel colours etc.

Loyalty card - not too sure about the layout. Sometimes
that hand written type isn't clear so maybe they could have done
it a little better. Like the idea of a loyalty card though.

here they have used the hand written type quite a lot again
and i dont think it works, i know its inkeeping
but i think i will steer away from using
the type in my logo alot especially in normal layout.