4 May 2011

Business Sector

I was looking for stats to get a grip on the market for cupcakes and came across a report made in 2008 about the stats of small business in New York. This made for interesting reading because it showed that a small business, such as mine would actually succeed very well in New York.

Above: The graph above shows that a small business with few employees really rakes 
does succeed, especially with few employees.

This graph is probably the most interesting by far and what I am interested in is the Retail statistic and the 'other' statistic, both are very high showing that their is a market for my product and people would be interested in it. 

What these stats also prove is that the business sector is huge in New York and therefore marketing my product appropriately to these market as well as the general public would be very successful 

I have also looked at the law enforcement department because there are a lot of employees in this sector and would be naive of me to neglect them. I don't think they will be key to what i will design but i will design with them in mind too. 


There are approximately 35,000 (thirty five thousand) New York City police officers. According to Wikipedia, the exact count as of 2009 was 35,284 (thirty five thousand, two hundred and eighty-four). The approximate count according to the NYPD's official website is 34,500 (thirty four thousand, five hundred). See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry on the New York City Police Department. There is a link from there to the NYPD's official site.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_New_York_City_police_officers_are_there#ixzz1LPHvGTAx