Typography and Packaging

6 May 2011

Really love the varying type with these bottles and
how they work across a range. I think they are beautiful
to look at and its so simple.

I really love this hierarchy for this foreign branding,
it has such a vintage feel to it that works across the colour
and the choice of the contrasting heavy and light type.

I think this is some really beautiful packaging, it 
visually has such a quality to it and a sophistication that
goes with the type and image.

I think this is really beautiful design work, I  was also think
its a really good way of displaying the products. I really
love the detailed filigree i think it compliments the type.

This type packaging has such a visual impact.
I really love how all the ingredients are displayed on the
packaging, it functions as well as visually engages.

I love this miss mash of type, the contrasting types 
and information works to create a really
attractive exterior to the packaging. I would 
defiantly love to incorporate this into my proposed 
packing for ingredients.

Really like this logo, its been turned into a
very attractive type as image. It oozes sophistication
and quality which really works.

Beautifully designed packaging, with floral
and intricate design. I like the colour, it just 
gives off quality.

This is a really different way of packaging, using type
and pattern to create a really interact design. I like the 

Really like the contrasting type faces, it gives
such a different element and makes the information delivered
in a completely different way.

I have been looking at the hierarchy of this and again i really
like it, i would like to incorporate this into design some how. I am
not sure i can do the same thing but taking a small element would be good.

Really like how its a lot of information but the layout
is so structured that you can read it easily. The hierarchy of
this is vital to it working, I am fascinated by this because its so 
intricate but works so well.