Food and Community

3 May 2011

The finale: The People's Banquet

The party at Leadenhall Market will be magnificent as The People's Banquet will be part of a wider street party where food groups will be serving up delicious street party dishes for people to enjoy. Street party and street food enthusiasts will come along and enjoy the party as well as provide food at the event. We’re very excited to be involved in the coordination of this event.
During the final week of Great British Menu the eight regional finalists will be competing to get a dish on the banquet menu and viewers will be able to download
home-cooked versions of their recipes from the BBC 
Children eating food at a Big Lunch
On Sunday 5 June 2011 fans of Great British Menu will be able, if they wish, to cook home-cooked versions of the chef's dishes for street parties in their own neighbourhoods as part of Big Lunch events taking place across the UK.
Find out more about Great British Menu.

The great british menu is currently hosting a contest to find the best chefs to cook for the Peoples Banquet. I think this is an excellent idea to bring together food and the community. This pretty much embodies everything I am trying to create with my own brief. By focusing my idea around a central point means that I can then create some really sophisticated design solutions to promote and engage people with the event.