Type Faces

6 May 2011

This is a range of type faces I have been looking at to use for my project. Theres quite a variety i know that i want to use contrasting sans serif and serif, and I want their to be quite a difference between the both. By looking at these pages of my favorite type faces it really helps focus down what works against each other and what doesn't. I like the contrasting weights and sizes because it will help define different parts of the information, it will help me work out the hierarchy. 

I think my original idea of using bodoni is a little foolish because it doesnt fit with my style of logo that i want to create, i think the more applicable is the unicorn, its thick and seriffed which gives it some form that really attracts they eye and represents butter which is great.

I think though i will be using a mixture of champage and limosines and avant garde for the serif font, i like the light weight of it and how it can be delivered in a variety of different ways.