Milk & Cookies

4 May 2011

I really love everything about milk and cookies:
Really like the pastel use of colour, looks novelty and childish
Like the vibrant use of colour
Like the inventive ways of ujsing contrasting type faces to create banners and advert.

I really like how the interior and exterior of the shop
really mimic the whole branding, this is exactly what I would
want to do for my brand. It gives such a strong identity and makes
it all so visually engaging.


Really love the idea of creating a packaging range to
hold your own ingredients. I really like how
this has all been photographed showing different elements
or it and how it would function. I think this works so well
and it is defiantly something i want to try and do myself.

Really like the idea of the little baskets being made
to promote the products, I think it looks really nice. 
Again really like the photographing of this product.

Loyalty card idea again.