Packaging Nets taken from Special Packaging

6 May 2011

I really like this packaging because of the idea that you could
turn it on its side and have it like a door opening to the cupcakes.
I think its interesting because of this, it could be manipulated in a
really interesting way.

Really like this packaging because it has given me the idea
that you could put a cupcake in each half and it would slot
together, defiantly going to investigate this.

This is very similar to the triangular packaging I have already looked

Really like this packaging, not for the main packaging
but for the proposed packaging for the ingredients.

Again like the wine carrier, I like it but quite ugly and
looking at the others there isnt as much I can do with
this opposed to the others.

Simple carrier box, like it but boring

Like the hole you can see through to see the cupcakes,
but i think that it could be a little boring
kind of looks like a cookies box.

Normal plain box..boring.

Like the tube idea for a box, but functionality wise I think
I have seen better and therefore I am going to steer clear of rectangles