Novelty Cupcakes

4 May 2011

I have been looking at the style of cupcakes i would be interested in looking at making. or selling. I like novelty cupcakes but I think they only work as a one off and wouldn't work as a commerical brand. 

Garden inspired cupcake. Like the colours
but a little too childish not exactly what i want.

Too much like a childs cupcakes, not what
I am aiming for at all.

Like the idea of the characters with the cupcakes,
but they are a little too childish and my branding 
isnt going for children especially.

Really think this is a clever use of packaging and holding
the cupcakes. It has a completely different form of interaction
which i think it great and defiantly something i am interested in.

Really like the idea of the display being cupcakes hanging
like this, it looks really interesting and visually very engaging.

this is cute..but again a little too childish I want
to steer clear from this sort of thing.

its interesting way to display the cupcake, but not
appropriate for me. I think it looks a little too messy.
what other funtion would it have?

Really like this packaging, but I am not
too sure whether this looks a little bit
like a childs toy?

Like this little added details, but again it looks a little
childish which isnt good.

Really love the novelty of these being displayed
as drinks, its very different to some of the other cupcakes
i have seen.

Again playing on the whole garden idea
like it but too childish.

These two are giant cupcakes. I like the novelty of it,
and could defiantly propose this to be in the shop
as a birthday cake design or something.