22 October 2010

As i mentioned before, one of my ideas is to use the idea of a barcode to illustrate the sex trafficking trade. My idea is to do it as a digital print on a billboard. If billboards are designed correctly they can really show information in such a different light and they can really grab peoples attention, which is what i am trying to do. 

I have been looking into a variety of different billboard designs ranging from the simple to the shocking to the extreme, and funny. I am trying to get an overview of what i think is good, and how i can possibly incorporate them into my design some way.

With this billboard, i really like the simplicity of it. It get straight to the point and the message is very clear. The only problem is it wont have its full affect until night time, but it still illustrates the point. Im not so keen on the typography, i think its a bit squashed and since they put so much effort into the board you would think they would do it for the type.