21 October 2010

Today i managed to find a website that links nicely to my project. its a website that encourages people to get involved and help with the injustice that is happening in the 21st century. I really like the style of the website, it looks grimy and the colours work well to produce a seedy look. In contrast to the LAST website, this works a lot better. its more interesting to look at and there is a lot more information on it. the website is called The A 21 campaigne. It also has some very useful tips that i think i am going o try and incorporate into my project. It sets out 21 ways to get involved in helping the campaigns and charities that are around:

1. Spread The Word
2. Use Your Talent
3. Invest In Freedom
4. Lobby Politicians
5. Organize A Fundraiser
6. Support Survivors
7. Fast On The 21st

8. Volunteer
9. Start An Awareness Group
10. Buy Fair Trade Products
11. Sponsor Those At Risk
12. Intern For A Summer
13. Educate Yourself
14. Stay Current
15. Work The Web
16. Pray
17. Motivate The Media
18. Stay Alert
19. Work For Freedom
20. Make Connections
21. Help Victims Escape

Within each title there is a link that shows you more information about each title and how it helps and what you can do. As i am trying to get people more involved, and essentially be the middle man between the middle man this is a technique i am defiantly going to try to do. By breaking the information down into bitesize chunks people are more likely to read it and understand it then to just read it and walk away.