Where i am now.

6 October 2010

Within Wednesdays session, we focused on our what is good? project. This was good because i was struggling with where to go with my project and where to focus my research. I had already organised and interview with Jacinta Kent, from LAST. Which would give me more of an insight into what they did and the trafficking industry as a whole. So in this session i came up with some headings to help focus my project, and answered them while talking to my fellow course mates:

What is my good:
To promote and inform people about sex trafficking.

What specifically about?
That it informs people about sex trafficking, what happens, whats going on and what you do to help.

What form will it take?
A range of distribution forms that innovative and interactive.

What device do I use?
Shock, controversial info, compassion

How can you frame it as a product?
The product is to persuade people to take more interest in the topic and get involved with charities and campaigns that help.

Students, theres thousands of them in Leeds and they are a market i can focus on and know how to make it appeal to them.

After i managed to work out what it was i was looking into. I then began thinking of simple ideas that i could use in order to get my message across and what forms it would take. I also had a very interesting talk with Lorane, i discussed the idea of using a passport because the trafficked women have them removed so they can never escape. I was also thinking of tickets, stamps, driver licenses and that involves transport. Also another idea is to look at the noun trafficking, and the associations that go with for example cattle. My only problem is i want this to be controversial but i dont want it to disturb people because they wont want to get involved i also dont want to guilt people because talking to people that have worked for charities, has made me realise that if you guilt someone they chances are they will walk away.