examples of items students like

12 October 2010

Rubix cubes are great and timeless. It would be great
if i could print on each side so when its completed
it shows the message. That way it gives them
more incentive to complete the puzzle.
Print Process: PAD, Screen Printing

People enjoy reading things while they're on the
toilet and students always need toilet paper. I could
adapt it to have the information onto it.
Print Process: Printing on offset biodegradable sheets,
using flexography onto a tissue paper
every student needs a good pint glass,
and having one that is customized makes it
so much easier to know its yours.
Print Process: PAD Printing, Screen printed onto flat sheet
then heat pressed onto glass. also laser etching.

its getting cold and students wear hats. the beanie is cheap to get
hold of and can be easily transferred from sex to sex.
Print process: Screen printed, can be lain flat.
memory sticks are an essential part of the student lifestyle,
they hold copious amounts of information and can be
carried everywhere.
Print process: PAD, 3d design
to have logo printed onto.
Mugs, these have the same appeal as the Pint glass.
Print Process: Flexography, PAD, Screen print before
design heat pressed onto.
Tote bags are a huge hit at the moment, they are
durable, flexible and can carry a lot. they are cheap
to buy and replace.
Print Process: Screen Printing
Old schools always in and therefore YOYOs are always in.
These would be great to print on to raise awareness.
Print Process: PAD
For some reason glasses with no glasses in are a bit
hit at the moment, personally i think they're pointless
but everyone seems to love them. so i wanted to see how
they would be printed on.
Print Process: PAD