Rasters and Vectors

8 October 2010

rasters and vectors is something i have always struggled to get my head around, i dont really know why. So i have decided to research it, and look into it.
So far, i've learnt that rasters are photographs and vectors are illustrations and these are the mainstay images formats of printer material today.
the problem with raster images is that at their normal size they are fine but as soon as you enlarge the image it begins to pixelate. A raster file can be changed into a vector file, which means even a large degree of upsizing produces recognisably sharp lines. As vector graphics are based on drawn paths they remain crisp regardless of the degree of enlargement.
These are the raster based images, the top one shows the image itself (of our beautiful house bunny Dizzy!) and then i zoomed in and it shows how pixelated the image goes.