Toilet paper packaging

20 October 2010

I find the print process for toilet paper fascinating. The automated process is such a huge job. The youtube video shows the process of embedding the toilet paper with the clients design. This is a process I hadnt thought about with my toilet paper. I could try and embed my designs into the paper to see what it would look like. I think it could only work with using a logo and not an amount of text, which was what i was thinking of doing.
The other problem with this process if i think about it for the mass production side, it is an expensive process for a one of print. The designs i plan to do are for a one off, a novelty. And this process just doesnt work with what i want to achieve. Seeing as i am printing for a charity/campaign it wouldn't work if the process itself was costing an arm and a leg. My plan is to mock up a design to be embedded into the toilet paper, or do it digitally and see what the product could look like. I think this would be a simpler technique to try and see what happens.