27 October 2010

Here i have found a website that will print your posters in blacklite, this culd be useful for me when doing a mockup:
Build A Poster - this is the website that i found, and the information that is most useful to me.  I wanted to look as costing because it is important to see how much it would cost if i were to do this as a mock up.

  • How do I get my files or images to you guys?
    There are a number of ways to place an order and to get your image to us. The simplest and most time efficient method is to just place an order through this website. If you would rather not use the internet, you can always email us at If you need assistance placing your order, you can reach us by phone, toll-free at (866) 475-1306.

  • Can I FTP a large file to
    Yes you can! We can provide an FTP server for you to upload large image files to. To find out more information, email us at with your request, and we will fill you in with the details

  • What exactly does this company do?
    We provide a printing service for the public at a very low cost, but at a very high quality. Virtually any size can be printed up to 24" x 90" and anything smaller. Our process uses a florescent dye-based ink system, which provides brighter color than any other printing service available. We believe people should have complete freedom when decorating their lifestyles so we created a service to provide that freedom. You can build a poster or banner from anything you create, supply, or find on our website. We offer original artwork created by some of the world's finest graphic artists, painters, photographers, and more!

  • How much does it cost?
    Pricing on all printing is based on the dimensions of the print, and the type of paper chosen. Click here for a listing of our standard retail prices without any discounts or promotions. To view our current discounts and promotions please click here.

  • What is so special about your printing?
    We print using a specially formulated blacklight-sensitive ink system that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Our printing glows brightly under the presence of a blacklite, and appears normal but much more vibrant than standard inks when presented under normal lighting. Rather than having limited "bright" colors to choose from, we have a full range of beautiful blacklight-sensitive colors to print with. Even the most detailed photographs come out more vibrant with our printing.

  • What sizes can you provide?
    We can provide any size necessary. Any requests larger than 24" x 90" must be made by special order. Anything up to 24" x 90" or smaller, can usually be printed upon the same day you order it, and shipped to your doorstep immediately. To request a custom size, that is not offered through our website, please email us with your complete request, name, phone number, and other pertinent contact information. We love to work with you to create the perfect custom print job.

  • Does your printing fade?
    Unfortunately, all printing fades. Flourescent colors have a unique reaction to sunlight or long periods of exposure to bright lighting. They tend to fade fairly quickly and noticeably. It is recommended to frame, laminate, or protect your prints and more importantly, DO NOT DISPLAY THEM IN SUNLIGHT OR OUTSIDE! When kept indoors and/or out of direct bright light for long periods of time, the posters last beautifully for over 3 years.

  • Pricing list for printing. as you can see they are quite expensive. the problem isnt just the printing its getting them shipped over to the UK which will cost a lot as well. So it is something to consider, but i am going to look for other alternatives and see f i can do it myself.