27 October 2010

UV Printing

UV printing is a high quality, exceptionally durable and cost effective large format printing process for the production of a wide range of display graphics. There are two types of UV printing offered, firstly roll fed UV printing where graphics are printed onto a roll of media, often films, vinyls and PVCs, and flatbed printing with UV inks, where graphics are printed directly to various, rigid or flexible, flat surfaced medias and substrates, often PVC Foamex boards or ACM (aluminium composite material).

UV printers use environmentally friendly UV curing inks, which are cured with UV light which also means the inks have to be very UV resistant, therefore, UV prints are extremely good for graphics that are situated in direct sunlight. UV prints are also water resistant and abrasion resistant so are perfect for outdoor graphics in all weather conditions

Inkjet Printing

inkjet printingInkjet printing is one of the most brilliant of the digital large format printing options available and probably offers the greatest photo-realistic graphics of all digital prints. Inkjet printing has brilliant colour intensity, especially in the red range, making it the ultimate choice for high impact display graphics. Inkjet printers use CMYK inks and can print onto a range of various medias including: photo papers for posters, backlit film for light boxes, stop light film for banner stands and pop up stands, as well as various other vinyls, films, banners, canvas, fabrics and textiles; making it an extremely versatile form of printing. Depending upon the material used and the finishing inkjet prints are suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use.

Digital Printing

Digital printing, by definition, is the reproduction of digital artwork onto the surface of printable media. Therefore, digital printing encompasses a vast range of printing methods including: inkjet printingUV Printing and photographic Lambda printing; although it is most often referred to in relation to the full colour, toner based printing used for short runs of small format prints. W&Co’s digital printing, however, is mainly focussed on large format printing for posters, display graphics, promotional display prints, self-adhesive graphics,  light box printingbanner printingPOS printing etc.