Toilet Roll Packaging

20 October 2010

Here i have been looking at innovative packaging for toilet paper. Seeing as my idea is to give out free toilet paper to students i need to look at ways to package it that would be appealing to them. So i have been looking a variety of different toilet papers packaging that is out there at the moment, instead of the bog standard plastic wrap around. 

Above: This is packaging to wrap a natural brand of toilet paper. Inside there are 4 rolls. I really like the design of the packaging using green to insinuate the natural origins of the toilet papers. The designs are also comical using the generic symbols for people to represent people using the toilet and the paper. Its comical but also has a purpose. This is something i am interested in although not looking so much at it being comical. 

Above: Here is some creepy looking toilet paper. It has a 'scary' image on the front which would make people stop and look at it. I kind of like the idea of the faded face, and it is something i could incorporate into my designs. I don't really like the layout of the type, i think there is too much on the paper. The substrate they have used to wrap around the toilet paper, is similar to that of newsprint. It has a rough texture and can easily be torn open, this is good because it means that the product will be cost effective, as it wouldn't be expensive to print onto that substrate. 

Above: I really like the typography of this packaging, although i don't think i could use it on my project. I do like the colour balance they have used though, with the white black and red and the occasional green. The packaging is covered in information which not only makes it packaging but it also makes a product and if i could use this technique somehow to represent the information i want people to know about the sex trafficking trade then it would be quite effective. 

Above: I don't really like the packaging product but i do like the idea of printing on a black substrate of toilet paper. I think it would be interesting to see if i could print white on it, it would give it more depth and make it more of a novelty then just printing on straight white toilet paper. This is something i am going to try and get hold of and see if i can print onto.