Novalty Toilet Roll

19 October 2010

I went into 'GO-GIZMO' today in town to go see if they sold novelty toilet paper, which they did. However its not exactly the most 'PC' of toilet paper, but it does make me laugh.  When i researched the process, the material used to print on is a tissuey paper, this is in order to hold the ink and not lose detail. So i picked up the paper to see what the texture is actually like. and its horrible. You would never 'use' it and the majority of people who sell the novalty paper actually say 'not to be used', which does seem pointless. However, seeing as my idea is to give out free toilet paper to students i don't really think they are going to be fussed about what texture it is as long as it does the job.... I don't really like the images used on this toilet paper, but it does show how detailed they can actually be which is good as i do want to use images with mine. on some of the paper the images and text split across the separate sheets which is  something i want to avoid, i want them to be on the individual strips. The packaging is also very basic, just simple plastic rolled around and then a one off digital print laid inside. I want to do something a lot more inventive, possibly using the nets that we looked at for 'wrapped up'.