Printing Pint Glasses

12 October 2010

Promotional Pint Glasses

A pint glass is a must have for people who love to drink. People who love beer are the biggest fans of a pint glass. This is the reason many companies use a promotional pint glass for many marketing and advertising campaigns. A pint glass is very inexpensive and even giving it away for free doesn’t pinch a company. On the brighter side, apromotional pint glass definitely attracts new customers and helps increase the sales and revenue of the company.

Branded Pint Glasses

Branded gifts form an important part of a marketing campaign. It makes business sense to find branded products that offer an edge. Branded pint glass is a practical and long lasting business gift. A Branded pint glass is a hi quality promotional product. A branded pint glass is attractive and useful and it gets noticed very easily by potential customers.

Printed Pint Glasses

A printed pint glass with the company name and logo and a variety of clever slogans and comments is bound to attract the attention of potential customers and clients. A printed pint glass makes a valuable business gift at various shows and seminars. It is easy to procure at a low cost. To print a pint glass, a company can approach one of the many printing houses in the country and specify its needs. With the latest in printing technology, a printed pint glass can be created within a short time span and low cost.

Imprinted Pint Glasses

An imprinted pint glass has the ability to attract consumers. Due to its size and shape, a pint glass always finds takers. If a set of attractively packed pint glasses is showcased in a store, it will act as a bait to lure existing as well as potential customers. An imprinted promotional pint glass can make customers change brand loyalty.

Custom Pint Glasses

Through customisation, companies can tell their customers that they value them and appreciate their business. During sales promotions and other events, a custom pint glass can be given away for free. This act will not only renew the faith of the existing customers but will also attract new customers. There are various ways to attract customers, but using promotional products is a sure shot way to retain and attract them. By promoting using a custom pint glass, customers are given something unique and the company is helped by way of repeated advertisements.

Personalised Pint Glasses

For any business to thrive, it is essential that the employees are happy. Happy employees are easily retainable and are more productive. They generate more profits for their company. If they are awarded a personalised pint glass as incentive for their past performance, they will certainly be happy employees. Through a personalised pint glass, a company will be able to present its brand statement and will be able to reinforce its brand image that will increase motivation and productivity. A personalised pint glass engraved with the name and achievement of the employee will prove to be a great motivational for the company