26 October 2010

early in my research i had been talking about using billboards to show my information and talking about incorporating light into it somehow. Since then i have been looking at ways type has hidden things, and how i want to try and work on that aspect. While looking through a blog i found this image. And then i came up with the idea of using the billboards and having the image printed in ultraviolet paint, so that when a black-light was shone on the image it would light up and show my design. this works on very different levels which is what i wanted:
1. The girls are hidden from the world, and so is the crime
2. I want to shed light on the matter
3. Its a dark business and by using the black-light it will be most effective at night
(having said that i could print on a black substrate so it stand out in the day as well)

This is exactly the sort of idea I was looking for.