7 October 2010

These are two different images but still illustration the same thing. I think the one above is particularly emotive. It works well because it incorporates the idea of the women being trafficked and the traveling aspect of what they have to go through. I think this is key because not only do want to raise awareness you want to people to want to understand. And generally when you see if a traveling ticket people expect it to be related to a holiday not a plane ticket for a slave. Whereas the one below is simple. The black and white image gives it a dirty feel and looks more slave related. I like the concept but not the image as much, i think it could have been photographed better and i think the lock just looks wrong, its too big and focuses too much on the chain instead of the person actually tied up. And at the end of the day these women aren't chained with real chains they are invisible and that is defiantly something i should try and incorporate into my project.