Foil Blocking

8 October 2010

Foil blocking is a process whereby coloured foil is pressed on to a substrate via a heated die, which causes the foil to seperate from its backing. The foil is a think polyester film containing a dry pigment. Several terms are used to describe this process including foil stamp, heat stamp, hot stamp, block print and foil emboss.

Flat stamping: a basic flat stamp that gives a slight raise above the surface and usually no impression on the reverse side of the substrate.

Multi-level Stamping: a die created with different levels and textures that can produce elegant designs. Also called sculptured foil embossing, it provides eye-catching results, but is more expensive.

[a decade of difference insert image]

this is an invitation created by Untitled design studio for London-based arts agency Iniva. It features a silver foil block and red typography on clear plastic substrate, in which some of the text seems to disappear as the viewing angle changes.