Concepts - General and Toilet paper

19 October 2010

After researching a variety of inlets i have decided to focus my research further on the process of printing on novelty toilet paper, print process for passports and looking further into packaging and barcodes. I want to have information spread across these ideas, and in some way point towards the campaigns and charities that help with sex trafficking in the UK. 

I am going to research each individually and and then develop them and then see if i can find a way to link them together in the future i will. I am going to try and design for low budget, medium and high and looking into pricing for them on a mass production side. 

I really like the idea of printing on the toilet paper and handing it out to students as a free item. On the toilet paper there would be information and images that help promote action to help people in the sec trafficking trade and where they can go to get involved. which would almost certainly entail them going to see LAST.
In order to understand fully printing on toilet paper i contacted a website that i found: Printed TP. I found this site very useful, it gives you the information for you to send your individual prints on the toilet paper. 

In order to send it to the printers you have to put it into a file format that is applicable to them and then essentially they do the rest. The company is based in America and would cost $31.25 and $25.00 to print + shipping costs which would be in excess of £40, which isn't exactly the best idea. I would also get 80 rolls of it which is a little unnecessary, and i don't need that amount for my project. Its interesting to see how much it would actually cost to do a batch production of this item. This would be a fairly high budget production, however if it were done on a larger scale than it could be used. 

This isn't going to stop me looking into designing for it though, i really like the idea and want to take it further. I am going to work out a way to do a mock up next to give an general idea of how i would print on it.